Budy crown this year with a decadently morbid dance performance 18.6.2011

On Saturday, June 18, 2011, just before the summer solstice, the weather was not very pleasant. Nevertheless, a number of fencing groups and their supporters gathered at the Budyná nad Ohří Water Castle for the already traditional fencing contest for the Budyn crown. The competition consisted in the presentation of the performances of individual fencing groups, which were watched and judged by the jury present. Between the individual groups, an accompanying program was prepared for the audience, in which musical groups, jugglers and also, invited for the umpteenth time, our Group of scenic historical dance Animata, were guests. Here, in addition to the laugh-out-loud programs Gotika nobile and Tržiště, she presented her most elaborate program from the Renaissance period – The Red Mask. We really enjoy this program while dancing. A particularly decadent second half with a murderously morbid ending ;-).

After all, see for yourself.

Budyňská koruna s dekadentně morbidním tanečním vystoupením 18.6.2011

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