Dance upgrade 2023 – part 1.

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Dance upgrade 2023

Part 1.

New movement principles – 15 months of work (including 6 months with a broken wrist) – as part of my 50th year of life, I give myself a presentation to upgrade my dance skills. I thank my lecturer Zita for how nice she is and especially for her patience with my obstinacy in rewriting old, 30-year-old, fixed movement patterns – part 1. and there will be more gradually… 🙂

Dance technique

It still has flies, but what is the training for? 😀


Parov Stelar, Graham Candy – The Sun

Adam Lambert – Sleepwalker

Guem – Le serpent

Dance improvisation1. - upgrade 2023

Just music

Just movement

Just a feeling

Just melting



Music: Parov Stelar – The Voodoo Engine

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