Dance upgrade 2023 – part 2.

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Dance upgrade 2023

part 2. - slightly memorable

For a dance upgrade, I’m looking for music in a different style than I’ve ever listened to before. However, Youtube sent me a notification about the club’s news and thus changed my plans a bit. – more below, in the Improvisation section.

Dance technique

Flies are still here, perfection is being worked on. 😉

That’s the end of the demonstrations of new movement principles connected to dance. I’m just a student.

For lessons, you must see the lecturer…


Sia, Kendrick Lamar, This Is Acting (Deluxe Version) / The Greatest (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Parov Stelar, Voodoo Sonic (The Trilogy, Pt.3) / Silver Line

Armada Lunge, Vol.5 / Another Day On Tehe Terrace – Chill Out mix

Just music

Just movement

Just a feeling

Just a fusion




As I already wrote – Youtube sent me a notification about the club news and thus changed my plans.

I liked the news from the YouTube channel “Tim Gläser”, so I reminisced a bit and tried how I could connect what I had learned with the established dance style to music from the TECHNO box – Future Rave & Melodic Techno Mix 2023 (released on 17.7.2023)

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