Dance Upgrade 2023 – Part 3.

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Dance Upgrade 2023

Part 3. - Heart of Shamans

In my search, I was looking for something completely different from the memory rhythms from the 2nd part of the Dance Upgrade. (figuratively speaking) I wandered through white dance, tribal dance and house downtempo until more videos with meditative music started popping up on my screen. She was too calm again. In the end it worked out and I came across interesting music that appealed to me for dancing – somewhat more demanding for improvisation, because it was unfamiliar with a different arrangement than is usual in the music – dance area where I have moved so far, common. I’m not a music expert, but I dare say that this music has its roots in Chinese culture…

See for yourself how the improvisation turned out.

Just music

Just movement

Just a feeling

Just a fusion




Liquid Bloom: Heart of the Shamans

/  Ceremonial Medicine Songs  /

Ceremony of the Heart

Jaguar Dreaming – Medicina Mix 

(approx. 5 minute part from the beginning)

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