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Offer for theaters and cultural organizers on the occasion of the new year 2023, which is a sign of new beginnings.

Dance is a lifelong love of my adulthood.

At the age of 15, just for fun, I created my very first choreography with a friend at the boarding school and performed with her at a social gathering as part of a company with a local school – absolutely without any previous experience. It worked and it clicked for me that this is simply THE ONE.


Over the last few years, the whole world has been going through hell. It destroyed some, many survived and many learned a lot.

In this way, I decided to offer part of what I learned on my own during the general crisis – out of love for the field only to theaters and cultural organizers to the extent that it fulfills my time and work capacity beyond the scope of personal projects.

And what do I actually offer?

I offer indexing of your websites (pages, posts, categories, products – who has) immediately after their publication. Management of the appropriate google tool, continuous checking of the already working index, sending error reports so that you can make precisely targeted corrections in the administration of your websites.

Indexing is a tool that gets you seen.

I also have access to digital campaign tools, however I am fully aware that there are a large number of digital marketing experts on the market and my knowledge of these tools is only basic at this point.

The offer is mainly aimed at the Czech Republic location, but not exclusively.

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