Transport - information

Selected carrier: Czech Post and carriers cooperating with it abroad

Pricing settings:

flat rate – postage set by the carrier Česká pošta + a small handling fee

Zone Czech Republic –

1. flat rate Valuable writing – CZK 75
2nd flat rate Package in hand – CZK 129
3. Personal pick-up CZK 0.00 (exclusively by prior arrangement)
4. Personal delivery within reach of Prague public transport range 0 – 80 CZK (exclusively by prior agreement

Zone International –

1.Slovakia: EMS package up to 2 kg – CZK 350
2. Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria: EMS package up to 2 kg – CZK 750
3. France, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom: EMS package up to 2 kg – CZK 800
4. Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland – EMS package up to 2 kg – CZK 900



Transport within the Czech Republic
international transport

Please enter the delivery address first. After that, you will see the DHL EXPRESS option.

The shipping price is determined by calculation according to the entered delivery address. Next to the shipping name, you will find the approximate shipping time given as a number of days.

This shipping time may be slightly longer depending on specific shipping conditions.

I recommend DHL EXPRESS mainly for international transport.

The place of dispatch is always:

Prague, Czech Republic