filming – American letters

On 11.5. In 2014, the welcome scene of the film American Letters, inspired by the life and work of Antonín Dvořák, was shot in Prague near Charles Square. I had the wonderful opportunity to be among actors. I enjoyed a very pleasant day in the company of actors, whom no one particularly celebrates, but without whose participation and skill no major filming is possible. For this day, I got a chocolate brown dress, a plaid over my shoulders, cream crocheted gloves and a muted purple hat on my head. I thank the costume designers for tailoring the costume (narrowing the waist by 8 cm) and the make-up artist for the hairstyle, including the loan of removable hair. 🙂 Only my favorite freckle near the nose was hidden under makeup. 🙂

I thank the photographer Ctibor Babické for providing the photos for publication. You can find his other photographic work in the links. 🙂

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