Historic hearth in Dobřichovice 2011

It’s September 3, 2011, already an autumn day, but grandma summer decided to catch up in one day with all the time that rained in July and August :). In Dobřichovice on the banks of the Berounka, where the Dobřichovická Alotria took place, there was an almost tropical hearth.

In this heat, in addition to the traditional historical market, a number of fencing exhibitions and also a dance performance by our group Animata were prepared for the audience. All the performers literally melted under the heavy historical costumes and were grateful for the brave spectators who, instead of swimming and lounging by the water, came to watch the event already at lunchtime and stayed until the evening hours. We thank them for that 🙂

The author of the vast majority of shots is Darja Sedmíková, a member of the Animata group.

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