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Complaints and returns

Returning goods without giving a reason:

If you have changed your mind about the purchase and want to return the purchased goods, send them back to the address specified in the terms and conditions within a maximum of 7 days after receipt.

1. The goods must not be unpacked (applies to the basic packaging of the product) and must be in the original, undamaged packaging.

2.Immediately after sending the goods, use the complaint email below to send a message about the sending of the goods for return without giving a reason, state the order number according to the attached, handwritten invoice and document the shipment with a document from the carrier – the date of sending back and the condition of the goods i its original packaging.

3. If the above conditions are met, the payment for the given goods will be returned to you as soon as possible after receiving the returned goods from the carrier.

4. If the buyer returns the purchased goods 3 times without giving a reason, he will be denied access to purchases from this e-shop – please think carefully about whether you are really interested in the offered Hand Made products!


1. If the package being sent is damaged before it is received from the carrier, check the package in the presence of the carrier and properly document everything. If the goods themselves are damaged or missing – do not accept the shipment!

2. Take a picture of the damaged goods. Photographs must clearly show the nature and extent of the damage. The damage must not be caused by the buyer or another third party after acceptance.

3. Using the email monika@monikaknezkova.name below, send a request for a product complaint. Enter the order number according to the attached, handwritten invoice and documentation photo or Pdf. files.

4. If the attached files are missing from the email, you will be asked to send documentary photos by email – the photos must not be graphically edited and must be taken in good lighting conditions.

5. If the claim is accepted, you will be asked to send the goods back to the address specified in the terms and conditions.

6. After receiving the damaged goods, a replacement product will be sent to you according to the previous agreement, or the payment will be refunded.

7. All complaints are handled individually in writing – by email.
8. If an agreement is reached by telephone (only in Czech), this will also be confirmed in writing – by email.

In all cases, both the return of the goods without giving a reason and in the case of a recognized complaint, the corresponding amount will be returned using the same payment method and using the same payment data that was entered to send the payment of the order.

The email for communication regarding complaints is: monika@monikaknezkova.name