Stráž was literally packed on 6/25/2011

On June 25, 2011, we met together in Stráž pod Ralskem on the occasion of the Wartember festivities.

The clanging of swords here was provided by the historical fencing groups Alotrium, Golem and Lepus.

The Terra Historia group showed us incredible stunts on horseback.

Dancers of the Animata scenic historical dance group (including me) performed a not only graceful dance.

The melodious tones of historical music were released by the group Duro Nux.

The accompanying program was provided by Merlin the juggler from Teplice and the falconer from Liberec.

There were lots of stalls for shopping and refreshments. The evening program was provided by the local ZUŠ, the Chřestýši band and fireworks.

Thanks to the two volunteers who willingly stopped me behind the camera while I was frolicking on stage 🙂

Ve Stráži bylo doslova narváno 25.6.2011

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