Veveří near Brno 25/05/2013

On May 25, 2013, Animata and I went further from Prague towards Brno. We went to Veveří Castle near Brno to dance on International Children’s Day. When we arrived at the castle, it was raining heavily, so it looked like we wouldn’t be dancing. Fortunately, it stopped raining about half an hour after our arrival, so we finally enjoyed the whole program, whether as performers or as spectators.

At Veveří they danced for you – Péťa Šedivá, Martina Kosmáková, Mili Lacinová, Věra Štědronská, Monika Kněžková and Michal Kolda
Organizational support – Marta Olejárová, um. group leader and Miroslav Štygler

Photos – Věra Štědronská and Miroslav Štygler, possibly other members of Animata

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